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100% of the funds from these products go directly to the Build Program and help mobilize the local people of our partner NGOs in Nicaragua.

26 de Julio Jersey – $70

Inspired by the iconic military fatigues worn by Latin America’s revolutionaries, the 26 de Julio jersey’s unique design features an original schematic drawing from the Museum of the Revolution in Havana, Cuba. The 26 de Julio movement was responsible for overthrowing the Batista regime and perhaps the most famous revolution in Latin American history.

26 de Julio MTB Jersey – $70

Similar design as the regular jersey, the mountain bike version has a slightly looser fit for a little more flow…airflow AND trail flow.

The Darío – $40

Inspired by the famous Nicaraguan poet, the Darío is sized to fit a passport, small travel journal, cards/cash, and all those beer labels you peel off while traveling. Handmade in the small crafty town of Masatepe using quality, locally sourced leather, this deserves to be in your pack the next time you cross borders.

Handmade by this man: Beto

Our new line of leather products are handmade using quality, locally sourced leather.

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